Hello! I'm Gina

I've been involved in the creative services industry for over 22 years. Starting out as a junior artist, I naturally evolved into production management, overseeing the pre- and post-press process. By doing so, I was able to design based upon a broader understanding of how far I can push the printed product so that the end user had a deeper involvement with what they were reading, touching and seeing. The sky was the limit...or at least I thought so. With the dawn of digital marketing and communications, the limits have become endless. I focus on fusing all the elements of a marketing strategy together in a way that is powerfully cohesive and product driven.


My skill set and work experience allow me to understand every step of brand and product development, from concept to fruition...My passion and drive allow me to be happy while doing it.


In order to be successful at whatever you do, one must be prepared, work hard and learn from failures.


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